Configuring AttributesΒΆ

So now we have published a map of green spaces. If we take a look at the source dataset, we can see the dataset also contains some useful attribute data:


We’ll now configure Mappin to make use of this attribute data so that users can examine the name and type of green spaces. In a later chapter we’ll also use this attribute data to allow users to search for green spaces by name and type.

So far, Mappin is only publishing images of the green spaces layer, it’s not yet interacting with the layer at the database-level. In order to work with attributes (and much of Mappin’s other features) we need to tell Mappin how to get at the underlying dataset (database table).

In each Mappin project, you can tell which database schemata to search for tables. Let’s tell Mappin about the sheffield schema we created earlier (and uploaded our green spaces layer into).

  1. Open the Mappin Administrator interface for this project
  2. Go to the Modules section
  3. Open Global Consfiguration
  4. Add sheffield to the list of PostGIS Schemas

Now when we go to tell Mappin which table the green spaces layer comes from, it will also look in this schema.

  1. Next got to the Layers section
  2. Select the Green Spaces layer
  3. Select GENERAL
  4. Select the layer’s source table (sheffield.GreenspaceSite_Sheffield) under Name (PostGIS)
  1. Next got to the ATTRIBUTES section
  2. Set the Alias for function and distname1 to Type and Name
  3. Delete attributes distname2 to distname4

FIXME now show it working with featureinfo