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Insight for Everyone

The benefits of GIS are already well known. Web mapping brings these benefits to a much wider audience.

Use Mappin to make the latest spatial information available to all your staff, or to generate added value for clients with interactive maps of project deliverables, or to deliver spatial information more effectively to your contractors and stakeholders.

Mappin's user interface is simple and intuitive - because not everyone is a GIS practitioner.

Put the power of GIS in your audience's hands and let them focus on decision-making - without needing training or specialist software.

Feature Overview

Maps in Minutes

If you're already using QGIS then it's even easier - just create a project in QGIS and upload it to Mappin. Your published maps will look the same as they do in in QGIS and your audience will even be able to print PDFs using your QGIS print templates.

Mappin's admin interface allows anyone with a little GIS background to publish maps online quickly and easily, letting them focus on publishing great maps rather than maintaining a web mapping infrastructure.

Interactive Demos

Here's a short video example of publishing a project using Mappin: Publishing a Web Map in Under 20 Minutes.

Flexible Integration

Mappin is a complete web mapping solution with built-in WMTS server and spatial database - however, its flexible architecture makes using an existing WMS server or geodatabase straight-forward.

Mappin supports a wide range of integration scenarios including embedding maps into existing web content and integration with single-sign-on. If you'd like to know how Mappin could fit into your existing GIS infrastructure then please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Selected Clients


"Most of our web mapping commissions were to develop bespoke web mapping or web GIS applications. After some time we had a vision of an off-the-shelf solution including cutting-edge open source technologies like QGIS server and PostGIS but one that would also be easy for our clients to use and maintain themselves. Mappin is the outcome of these ideas and the desire to keep things flexible so we can accommodate our clients' differing needs."


Mappin Product Manager at Lutra Consulting



£249 / mo

  • Free for the first month
  • Simple web-based control panel
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Includes basic support


£339 / mo

  • Free for the first month
  • Simple web-based control panel
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Extended support
  • 1 day project setup and data preparation


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  • Simple web-based control panel
  • Self-hosted on your infrastructure
  • Perpetual licence
  • Unlimited installations
  • Customisation possible
Prices shown are for annual billing. When billed month-to-month the Standard plan is £295/mo. All prices exclusive of VAT (where applicable).

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