create web maps in minutes


Powerful features for everyday people!


Publish maps in minutes!

Cross-sector Support

Give your staff and stakeholders the maps they need!

Intuitive but Powerful

Empower your users to precisely report incidents, produce professional PDF maps, interrogate attribute data and export the underlying map data.

See Mappin's Module Documentation for a complete picture of user-facing features.

Easy to Administer

Mappin's web GUI makes administration a breeze - no coding or JavaScript needed!

You can even upload your QGIS project and see the same styles, print templates and other settings in Mappin.

Private / Public-sector Ready

Whether you're a public or private-sector organisation, Mappin's features will support your staff and stakeholders.

Bring self-service maps to more of your staff or support your residents in finding their local amenities, researching nearby planning applications or reporting issues like fly-tipping or potholes.

Flexible Hosting and Integration

Mappin is available as an online service or can be installed on your own infrastructure. Want to connect it to your existing GIS infrastructure? No problem - Mappin can make use of existing WMS servers and PostGIS databases.

You can even embed Mappin components into existing web pages and its incident reporting module is designed to integrate flexibly with existing back-office systems.

Organisations using Mappin



£249 / mo

  • Free for the first month
  • Simple web-based control panel
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Includes basic support


£339 / mo

  • Free for the first month
  • Simple web-based control panel
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Extended support
  • 1 day project setup and data preparation



  • Simple web-based control panel
  • Self-hosted on your infrastructure
  • Perpetual licence
  • Unlimited installations
  • Customisation possible
Prices shown are for annual billing. When billed month-to-month the Standard plan is £295/mo. All prices exclusive of VAT (where applicable).

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