Feature Overview

Map Themes

Group related or commonly used layers into map themes which can be switched between with a single click.

Map themes are synchronised with the main layer controls.

Flexible Search

As well as being used to find addresses, the search tool can locate features in any published layer.

Configuration is easy - just specify which layer attributes should be searchable.


Works with both desktop and mobile devices and keeps the map centred on your location as you move.

Find My Nearest

Allow users to quickly locate their nearest features of interest.


Create high-quality PDF maps of what you see on the screen.

Use Mappin's print templates or create your own in QGIS.

Export Data

Allow users to export the underlying map data in a variety of formats.

Exported data can be filtered spatially or by attribute.

The Basics

Mappin features all the core features you'd expect in a web mapping platform such as layer controls, a dynamic legend, measurement tools and a feature info tool.


Mappin can be easily embedded into existing pages and gives you fine control over the content and map settings used.

Check out the interactive location plan of Hill House Hospital on the left.

Reporting Module

Harness crowdsourced information with Mappin's reporting module which is designed to integrate with your existing back office systems.

Web-based Administration

Administering Mappin is a breeze with its web-based interface. No coding or knowledge of JavaScript is required.

If you'd like to see Mappin in action, why not check out our interactive demo sites.

Mappin Demos

Interested in what you see?

If you'd like to see Mappin in action, feel free to contact us and we can arrange a free demonstration of all features for you in a private call.