Search Tool

The Search Tool allows users to search for addresses and other map features.


In the above image, the search tool has been configured to search on addresses. The user has searched for hospita and results are shown in the top-left of the screen. The same 6 results are shown as blue markers on the map and the map will automatically zoom to the extent of search result markers as the user types their query.

Hovering over a search result will highlight the row as well as the corresponding marker on the map.

Clicking on a result zooms the map to the selected result and opens the Feature Info panel. The user can return back to the list of results by clicking the blue back arrow.


Search results can be cleared with the x and the Search Results panel (if closed) can be re-opened with the eye.


The search tool has the following settings.



If Mappin cannot zoom to the extent of all search results for some reason (for example if the maximum zoom settings defined do not allow this) then this zoom level will be used as a fall-back.


The number of results to display per page of results.

Layers and Attributes

The Search Tool is designed to search multiple tables / layers and not just address data. This setting allows additional search columns to be defined. In the example above, you can see that the Name field from the Hospitals layer has also been configured.

Now when a user searches for hospita they will see results which look like this:


Notice how results now include both addresses and hospitals whose name matches the search.