The Printing tool allows users to create high quality PDF maps, suitable for hard copy printing.

The user selects a paper size, orientation, quality (DPI) and map scale. Once the map scale has been selected a blue rectangle will appear on the map. The rectangle shows what will be included in the PDF map and its position can be adjusted by panning the map.


After clicking PRINT, a PDF map will be prepared and sent to the user’s browser. An example map is shown below.



The Printing tool has the following settings.



If you require attribution text to appear on printed maps, you can include it here. When the output PDF is created, a label object within the print composer with Item ID set to Attribution (if present) will have its content overwritten with this value.


Is a comma-separated list of scale denominators which are presented to the user in the Printing panel. Be aware that high-resolution printing at large paper sizes and small scale denominators may take some time to complete.

Map Title and Description

When enabled, these options present the users with the Map Title and Map Description fields in the print dialog seen in the first image. These user-defined fields will then replace the content of label objects within the print composer with Item IDs set to MAPPIN_TITLE and MAPPIN_DESCRIPTION.