Map Themes

Map Themes provide large buttons with preview images in the top-right corner of the map and can be used to quickly set map layers:


Map Themes provide a simpler way for users to toggle layers and can be used in conjunction with the Layer Tree tool or instead of it. When a theme us selected, the layers toggled in the Layer Tree are automatically updated.

Please note that layers a user first sees when opening a Mappin project are controlled by those layers’ On setting (in their general layers settings). Therefore a theme will only be selected by default if its configuration matches the default view as defined using the On setting. If you wish to allow users to switch back to the default view using themes, simply create a theme matching the initially visible layers. This theme will then appear to be enabled/selected by default.


The Map Themes have the following settings.


The + and - buttons can be used to add / remove themes and the arrow buttons can be used to re-order themes.

Each theme has its own settings which look like this:



The hover text shown for the theme.


The preview image which will be shown for the theme in the button. Images of 115px by 83px work well here.


Whether to create a cache consisting of the layers associated with the theme to speed-up its drawing performance.


The layers to enable when this theme is selected.