Known Issues

Any known issues with the latest release of Mappin are described here as well as their associated workarounds.

Default Meta Buffer Size of 0 Causes Admin Interface to Stop Working

Specifying a default Meta Buffer Size of 0 in the Global settings (General tab) of the cache settings may cause the administrative interface to stop working.

If a low default value of Meta Buffer Size is required, then please instead use a value of 1. Please note this setting only results in problems when applied in the Global settings section and can still be safely applied to individual layer caches.

Removal of an In-use Schema Causes Project to Stop Working

Removal of a schema (from the list of schemata in the project’s Global Configuration tab) which contains tables referred to by configured Mappin layers or modules can cause the project to stop working.

Ensure you backup your configuration before removing schemata from the list. Also ensure that you have no published layers or module configurations which refer to tables within the schema being removed.

Changes in DB Structure of Published Layers not Reflected in Mappin Frontend

Changes in database structure (e.g. new columns) of a published layer are not picked-up by the end-user-facing Mappin interface (even though they are seen by Mappin’s admin interface).

In these instances, on-premises customers should restart the Mappin Component (Mappin) service which should resolve this issue. Subscription-based customers should contact the Mappin Support Team who will resolve this issue for them.

White Border With No Maps Around Project

No maps are shown outside the extent of the project bounding box defined in the Map settings.

The extent of maps shown by Mappin are currently limited to the bounding box defined in the Map settings. If a bounding box is set tightly around published project data, a white border may be seen around published maps.

We can work around this problem by expanding the bounding box defined in the Map settings as required. Bear in mind that the initial view of the published project will be centred on the centroid of the bounding box defined.

No Maximum Disk Space Allocation for Cached Tiles

Mappin on-premises does not currently allow setting a maximum for the amount of disk space consumed by cached tiles. It’s therefore recommended to monitor disk usage on the server. Scripted removal of old tiles is safe.

Leaving Resolutions Blank Results in Poor Performance and Inconsistent Label Sizes

Leaving the Resolutions setting (Map section) blank can result in a mismatch of resolutions between cached and non-cached layers. This issue manifests itself in poor performance and inconsistent sizes of map features with sizes defined in points or mm when comparing cached and non-cached layers. To work around this issue, ensure you set Resolutions to a comma-separated list of map resolutions (pixel sizes in map units).

Nested Layer Groups Not Working

Your QGIS project has layer groups within layer groups and the layers are not loading as expected. Nested layer groups are not supported at this time. T work around this issue, ensure you only have layers within layer groups (not other layer groups).

Mappin Draws the Wrong Layer

When there are two layers within the QGIS project with the same name, Mappin doesn’t draw them properly. Layers within the QGIS project are referred to by their name you see in QGIS’ legend panel. If you have two layers with the same name in the project (even if they are in different layer groups), Mappin will not be able to distinguish between them and may not be able to draw the project at all. To work around this issue, ensure all layers in the QGIS project have unique names.